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medium dry  -  amber
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Amber was bred by the late Judy Gaseley from her coursing bred Forest Wind (litter sister to the winning Masai Warrior and the only bitch in that litter). When Judy came to mate her bitch to Mackintosh, we realised we had met before - on a demo against the Hunting Act, outside Downing Street, so it has been a major disappointment that the resulting litter has had no chance to shine on the coursing field. When they were born, I promised Judy that I would keep the line going with one of the bitches.


photo David Paton



Amber leads Farthing on the lure           photo Rural Shots

Amber loves everyone - human or canine - but from an early age, she especially loved children because they were so much more accessible! Fortunately, she has never met one who has not been happy to be the target of her affection.



(right) Aged four months, Amber makes friends with a young spectator at a lure coursing meeting.

photo  Catriona Ryan


By the time Amber made her first - and only - appearance in the show ring, at Richmond at the age of six months and five days, it was apparent that her ears were not going to meet the standard but apart from my promise to Judy, I felt that her overall quality, sound movement, super-friendly and demonstrably affectionate temperament were worth passing on to another generation, even if there might be some doubt about the ears.

(right) At five months, I was still hoping that Amber would grow into a show bitch.


five months

Six months further on and Amber began to show a significant turn of speed on the lure at home, adding an ability to turn quickly when she went lure coursing a few months later. Since then, she has been a consistent high scorer who would probably score more if her running partner were not usually Favour who has reinforced her "me first" policy since the day Amber first set foot in the house. A regular representative of the breed at Game Fairs, she enjoys all kinds of country pursuits.               photo right Dewerstone




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