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The "Jonathan Seagull" litter

Amber whelped her litter by Jimanica Jonathan Seagull (right) on June 26 2009

They were two dogs and three bitches, each weighing 12ozs (350gms): every one was a different shade of fawn although they became more alike as they grew older.

In the end, I didn't keep one as my chosen bitch had a resolutely pink nose which did not darken as I had expected.







At last the rain has stopped long enough for them to go out and play in the grass run.  My attempts to take photographs have failed dismally as they race out of the puppy house as soon as they hear me coming and cluster round my feet.  They enjoy their daily trips in the car and have learned to follow me from their run to the yard without setting off down the drive on the way, 


in the run
It seems like only last week that they were sleeping peacefully most of the time - but it is more than a month and they are now wicked little dogs, full of mischief.  I like to remember those peaceful days whenever I find the remains of the
last favourite toy ....


    Pedigree of litter


largerbitches reddishfawn