whippet and puppy moonlake whippets















the wish me luck litter 2011
ex Medium Dry (Amber)


Having bred this litter for a brindle or particolour,                      (below)
I ended up with fawn Flutter                                    Mostly enjoying a day at the BSFA

lawn  bsfa
photo Tinne Van Hooydonck                                                                           photo Catriona Ryan

 Here is Mostly on May 27:




  Above right, with his uncle Frosty. 
  Below, Flutter weighs in

flutterscales flutter

  Thanks to Catriona Ryan for her patience in photographing untrained puppies. 

  Below are the others that got away ...

squib bella

The last shot was taken by me three days earlier. Pixie (right) is quite a bit bigger than Flower (left).

The next batch were taken a week earlier on May 18.



Top left: Fawn and white bitch Bottom left White and brindle bitch and fawn bitch

Bottom right Morgan pays the puppies a visit.

These pictures were taken May 2 and 4:

several busy
all 4may
      April 25: here are the girls................................. and the boys



For her second litter, Amber was mated to the well-known coursing winner (pre 2005) Wish Me Luck (Sprite) who subsequently proved equally effective behind a lure. The puppies' pedigree can be seen here.

in slipsphoto www.nickridley.com
Wish Me Luck (white collar) in slips with the sire of Amber's first litter, Jimanica Jonathan Seagull