whippet and puppy moonlake whippets















the pelyma seriously suave x moonlake make a wish litter

Flutter is proving the ideal brood bitch, calm, contented and with a never failing milk supply. At three weeks, the puppies are the same, weighing in at 1.5kg each.
I am still dependent on the coloured collars - no idea who this little chap is.

april 10
photos Catriona Ryan

Although Flutter is doing them so well, she herself is beginning to look on the thin side so midweek, they had their first taste of scraped beef which went down extremely well.  Afterwards, (right) they had a picnic on the lawn.

Their characters are beginning to show.  Freddie is the boldest, closely followed by sister Hattie. Frankie (green, formerly turquoise) is the most interested in food.
They grow so fast but I still cannot tell them apart!


April 26 Chance
Frankie Freddie