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make a wish  -  flutter
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Flutter was mated in January to Pelyma Seriously Suave, a fawn dog with old-fashioned show and coursing lines whose sire Ch Shoe Buckle was bred by the late Susan Baird.  My Moonlake Mint Sauce appears twice at the back of Shoe Buckle's dam line so I am hoping that although the litter will have a very low COI, it will be recognizably Moonlake.

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14 March



Flutter turned three years old and took time out from a lure chasing meeting to prove that she can free stand like a show dog when she chooses.

In January she had an assignation in Belgium but sadly, no puppies resulted so I am now looking for a suitable dog for her.  It is quite a challenge to build on her combined show and coursing lines.



photo Pauline Oliver


Now that she is adult, Flutter has proved to be more of an outdoor girl than a show girl, although she won the racing/coursing class at the EAWC open show last year and was placed in a few ch shows she attended.  She is an enthusiastic and willing participant in ringcraft - probably due to the abundance of treats on offer there - but is seen at her best at full stretch in pursuit of the plastic bags on a string that now do duty for forbidden game.

In May this year, Flutter made her first trip abroad and ran her clearance trials at the FCI lure meeting where the others were competing. The next week, she went back to Belgium to be measured for her licence and was officially recorded at 48cms (18.75").


                                                              photo Steve Rafi

 Above: Flutter waits her turn in the field.

 Left: with a friend at a lure meeting.


Below, there are some shots of Flutter giving a plastic bag a hard time:

photo Pauline Oliver

August, Flutter was in the points again

Trialling in Belgium
photo Tinne Van Hooydonck


                                                        photo Catriona Ryan

At the bsfa in April, Flutter was second in her class

photo Catriona Ryan

Flutter is the result of my promise to Amber's breeder to keep her line going and also an attempt to establish a separate line of show quality that is performance based like all Moonlakes but with none of the current show lines that I normally integrate.   The global show whippet world has contracted into a smallish community, increasingly inter-related while racing whippets, bred only for speed, are a similar decreasing population and one that can no longer take its place in the show ring.  It seems to me that we need to revive and establish separate lines for the future, hard though it is to do. yard
photo M Sarcochova

photo Amy Wilton at the Joint whippet clubs' Ch show 2011

Although she has her faults, Flutter has the quality, breed type and outline that make her unmistakably a Moonlake. Leggy and immature at her first Ch show, the joint whippet clubs' in 2011, she nevertheless made the cut and three months later was best puppy bitch at the NWA open show.  A placing in a class of 20 puppy bitches at the 2012 Whippet Club Ch show indicated that she continues to improve.