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with farthing

photo David Paton 


The only bitch in Farthing's litter to Mackintosh, brindle Favour (right) always knew she was special and bossed her brothers mercilessly.  Now that she is adult, she has a most engaging split personality - very sweet, affectionate and easily the most obedient in the house but once she gets out of doors, a cunning, "varminty" character takes over. Nobody is quicker than Favour at plucking a rabbit from the undergrowth a few feet from its hole or more relentless in pursuit of prey, whether furred or plastic. A strong finisher, she has often pipped a faster opponent at the post, whether over 200 yards or 800 and her commitment to whatever she does is total.

In 2009, after an unexpectedly gruelling journey of 16 hours (due to road closures) to a rural Belgian location, she was up at dawn, ready for an international championship lure coursing competition over a hilly course on a hot day, finishing a creditable sixth in an entry of 26 bitches. The following year, Favour was awarded her FCI working certificate, based on her results at four international championship lure meetings and two FCI "excellent" gradings at international championship shows.
At the Belgian lure meeting, I was very taken with one of the top scoring dogs who turned out to be a German international champion, by an English dog out of a French bitch.  In 2010 we made the long trip to Germany and Favour duly produced a lovely litter to Int Ch Golden Peanuts Quattro.

Born in March 2006, Favour had all summer to learn some ringcraft. She adored the classes but training at home was so-oo boring: she often had her eyes closed. Or her mouth open.



In spite of this, she made a promising start, until Crufts where she reverted to being as embarassing to me as possible.

At home, she caught rabbits but then a cut tendon kept her on the lead and away from shows for months. After which, she made it plain that she had done shows and did not want another tee shirt, thank you.




photos Catriona Ryan

Lure coursing, on the other hand, was fun and at her second attempt, in a run off with her brother, she was BOB and Best in Field over 90 hounds.

Favour's version of a flying start was not always the success she intended ...


photo Rural Shots


photo Van Hooydonck

(above) Lure coursing in Holland 2008

After being officially measured at 48cms, Favour got her FCI lure coursing licence and had a few runs in Belgium and Holland but 2008 brought the Great Swedish Adventure when Favour and Frosty set off for the World Show, the Swedish Whippet Club show and the Swedish Sighthound Show. Favour behaved quite well and was graded excellent in all her classes.


At the Swedish Whippet Club show, I was delighted that she made the cut in an Open Bitch class of 55.


photos Pauline Oliver



(right) Handled by Shirley Rawlings

Back in England, however, Favour has made it clear that her feelings about shows remain unchanged although she did manage to win the racing/coursing class at the Houndshow. She can, however, be relied on to give of her best at a lure meeting.





                                                             photos Dewerstone




                                                                         photo Catriona Ryan