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moonlake in the 1980s

The 1980s started with the excitement of Folly's litter by Ch Deepridge Mintmaster who was by then 14. Two dogs and a bitch were born in June. Folly was mated earlier than the optimum day because as a junior member of the Whippet Club committee, there was no question of missing the show because I wanted to mate a bitch on that date: in those days, club duties took precedence over personal considerations. After months of indecision over which of the dogs to keep, I opted for Flint - Moonlake Mint Sauce and although his brother, Master Copy, did better in the show ring, in Shirley Rawlings' capable hands, I never regretted my choice. On the coursing field, Flint always had the edge and won the Moonlake Cup,
named in honour of his grandfather's three wins.


Mintmaster litter

Folly with her litter by Mintmaster

in the park

Looking for squirrels in Kensington Gardens

Flint performed a lot better on the coursing field than he did in the ring, winning or dividing all three puppy cups and also the Moonlake as well as other stakes, until a back injury, sustained hurdling the furniture at home, kept him off the field. Sadly, Folly lost her second litter and I was lucky not to lose her as well. Going back to the Nimrodels for a puppy, I fell for the glamorous Precious, litter sister to Ch Peerless, heedless of Mary Lowe's warning that her line did not combine well with Lagunas.

Flint was not a natural showman but he was a natural athlete. All four whippets kept pretty fit chasing squirrels in Kensington Gardens and it made them very quick on the turn, ideal training for coursing.

Training for shows did not come so easily but we persevered and Flint actually did quite well. I still have the scruffy post card from the Kennel Club informing me of his stud book number.


Moonlake Mint Sauce

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mint sauce with trophies


nimrodel precious  -  fable

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puppies by Flint

Fable with some of her litter by Mint Sauce



moonlake mickey finn  -  flight

In the event, neither of Fable's litters, the first to Flint nor the second to Ch Chyton Copy-Press, produced show winners although they made their mark on the coursing field.




photo Ted Walsh

moonlake misssprint  -  fern (white collar)  

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Folly (centre) with her grandchildren, Flight and Fancy and  their parents, Flint and Fable.


photo Harry Whimpany

Fern (below) was born in 1988.


photo Mary Browning



ch laguna ligonier

Ch Laguna Ligonier - born 1960

ch deepridge mintmaster

Ch Deepridge Mintmaster - born 1966

moonlake mint sauce

Moonlake Mint Sauce - born 1980

  photo Alice Reynolds